An interpreter who chisels the scores, scrutinizes them to the depths of the soul and illuminates them with what he has found great, noble and beautiful.

There is a total agreement between the work, the composer and the interpreter, nuanced to the extreme, with a sparkling, uncluttered touch, and always 'in phase' with the score (jean gallois : beethoven : 3 sonatas-cypres)

A playing of great clarity, nuanced, with a subtle timbre and a delicate touch. Wide breathing, balance of the two hands, supple gesture, elegance without affectation: obviousness and comfort of listening (le monde de la musique : beethoven : 3 sonates-cypres)

De Spiegeleir offers us an original vision of this repertoire and gives these works a new freshness. His grace, agility and elegance force admiration (piano-le magazine : beethoven : 3 sonatas-cypres)

His performance his quite lyrical and affecting; his 'Pour Elise' is one of the best you will hear (fanfare-USA : beethoven : bagatelles-pavane)

It is extremely sensitive and musical (l'éventail : beethoven : bagatelles)

Very nice sound atmospheres (diapason: forestissimo-pavane)

The whole is held together with a lot of unity, like what Arrau or Brendel do. A disc of great musical interest! (diapason: beethoven: 33 variations diabelli-cypres)

An interpretation of great beauty; a version to be ranked among the greatest; a disc to be obtained absolutely! (crescendo: diabelli-cypres variations)

Admirable atmospheric tableaus, which the artist has rendered with a delicate and subtle technique and an admiring soul (la semaine d'anvers : liszt, debussy et la nature-pavane)

An extremely endearing anthology (compact : jacques leduc : choice of works for solo piano - with j. genty-duchesne)

Jacques Leduc finds in Olivier De Spiegeleir an admirable interpreter, whose intelligence, rhythmic piquancy, palette of touches, and art of resonance capture the colors of each aesthetic side of a composer's career spanning a quarter of a century..." (piano le magazine : jacques leduc : complete works for piano-cypres)

The talented pianist suggests links and traces the common rhizomes that feed these scores... The titles show the will to celebrate the masters, with a respect marked by modesty. But this allegiance never remains a sterile evocation. It becomes a creative stimulation, an invitation to musical discovery" (le vif l'express : jacques leduc : complete works for piano-cypres)

A new album featuring the compositions of Jacques Leduc has just been released. This double CD "orchestrated" by Olivier De Spiegeleir offers to the public an overview of nearly forty years of scores. Before being a professor at the Brussels Conservatory, president of the SABAM and rector of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Jacques Leduc is above all an inevitable composer in the world of Belgian classical music of the last decades. He has created a solid body of work in which the piano plays an important role. In his works for solo piano, for two pianos and for harp, we find the style and personality of Jacques Leduc in pieces such as Fantaisie sur un thème de Mozart, Hommage à Debussy and Exercices pour célébrer Scarlatti (JA - sabam 2003)